Joking about loving me. Does it mean anything?

I'm dating a guy. We've been at it for about half a year now. Sometimes we joke around and play fight or things like that, and he's been joking around about loving me recently.
To be honest we first started out as friends with benefits because I didn't want a relationship, but he grew on me and asked me out.
Now he's been saying things that hint that he loves me and usually it's his style to hint at something he feels.
But love? I mean I care about him, but I don't think I love him yet. I'm worried he actually loves me and is going to say it soon.
We aren't bf and gf even because I keep telling him I like where we are right now, but he seems to want more.
Do you think he loves me? What should I say if he tells me he does?


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  • He wants to sleep with you.

    • On second thought.. since you've already slept together.. he might be interested.

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