Girls - when you test a guy, what's the best response?

I've been dealing with some tests from a girl recently and at first I just redirected them, then I would brush them off, finally I would walk away from it. More recently however said girl tried to test my boundaries and gave mixed signals/played games so I called her out on it, gave a couple of examples which she denied so I told her I am done and walked away.

Was this a good way of dealing with her mixed signals/games/disrespectful behavior?


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  • Yeah. So... you really -are- done, right? Because if you come back... well... then she's going to know she has you. So you should probably search for a new fishie.

    • Exactly what I am thinking. So I told her off, but I feel she was being very manipulative in this situation and I know I can't backtrack on my decision nor do I intend to unless she comes to me with an acceptable response to her mixed signals/rudeness.

      The question is, is that the right way to deal with a situation if you feel the person is really pushing on your boundaries?

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    • Okay good to know. Also it wasn't so much I told her it's done, what I really told her is please don't contact me again - know they're closely related , if not identical but I felt the need to establish a boundary whereby she knows I am capable of walking away from disrespect and I am not like every other guy who will take her bad behavior just because she thinks they should.

    • It means the same thing lol, for sure. I think you did the right thing. Hopefully she'll have learned from this experience and you can move on to someone with fewer emotional problems.

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  • Yes be done and stay done. People like that are a dime a dozen and nobody needs that negativity in their lives.

  • The best way to deal with players is ignore them


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  • You should just walk away. A woman who tests you is too immature to date.

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