Just wonder if I took his text wrong or what?

I have been seeing a nice man for 3 months or so and last weekend he had to work all weekend long so we didn't get to see each other. I hadn't heard from him so I sent a "miss you" text. I got this reply "hey u! Hope you have a good day too!". Well I was like wow ok. I just sent back U2 and decided maybe I need to stay away. Wonder if maybe I just took it wrong.


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  • Insecure about his feelings? WHAT THE...

    Okay ladies seriously, not trying to be mean here but STOP giving/taking guy advice when you are a female because you have NO clue how men think and your wild guess' might be the reason of most of you suffering from heart break, instead ask a guy for an opinion you might just learn something.

    Anyways, OP, no, you didn't take it wrong. He replied so because he politely said "I don't miss you because I am not into you that way, please move on with your day, have a good day".

    Think about it logically for a second, he worked all weekend and didn't bother sending you a text TILL YOU texted him. Go around and read on GAG, if a guy wants or likes a female, he goes after her because men are natural hunters. He would had texted you and maybe even tried to see you if he felt the same way you feel about him. Being "busy" is a complete bullshit line used in dating, people make time no matter how busy they are. For example- I used to work 2 jobs from 7am-11pm, then drive an hour to see this girl, stay with her for 2hrs, then drive home, sleep for 3hrs and be back to work. I made time because I LIKED HER.

    In a nutshell, he is not AS interested as you, probably in it for the sex, sorry dear. I would suggest moving on because men decide within 5 seconds of meeting a woman if they are going to fuck them, date them or marry them... looks like he chose the 2nd option with you.

    • Ok just think it is a bit odd if a man can't be a man and just come out and say if he isn't. Not asking for much just honesty.

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    • Ok thanks

    • For nothing

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  • sounds to me like he might be insecure about his feelings? "Miss you" conveys in my eyes a strong message, so perhaps he just felt awkward in answering it via text which is rather impersonal.
    I would not take it too seriously and see how he reacts next time you see him in person.

    • Yeah - I was trying to keep it simple and not wordy. Feel like I never know how to talk and now I'm not going to send anything again. Just left me feeling like wow hmmmm

    • No worries, I guess we are all the same when it comes to feelings. We are carefully trying to take sth on the next step, and get pushed back when we do not receive the expected answer. but as said, texting/emailing is such an impersonal tool, you never know why they answer the way they answered. I think you could contact him after a while again, suggesting sth. concrete you want to do (concert etc.). If you then receive more reactions like that, it's his loss ;-)