Girl I like ignores/cutting me off?

So I meet this girl in first week of June, we hit it off. But she told me she just got out of a relationship and I was okay cause I know she Is into me. I introduce her to my family, she introduce me to her family. we start having sex and sleeping over and such. Everything was going perfectly even she keep reminding me that she's not over the ex. About 3 weeks ago she started a second job and was tired so I felt needy (mistake) and told her if she's talking to someone else. She got mad telling me that "you know I'm doing double job and whatever time I have I spend with you and I tell you who and where I go if I'm out, I don't have to tell you that cause we are not in a relationship but I do out of respect". Then I managed to got her to talk to me cos I told her I'm sorry blah blah. she said she realize she's not ready to to with anyone and she want to get over her ex and I'm told her i'll wait, so we started talking again going to the beach, were she got a really bad sun poisoning and had to stay home for days (my fault for putting tanning oil on her). So last week I notice she is withdrawing so I told her that where do I stand in her life and that if she is still attracted to me. She snap at me again saying I'm not there for her and I'm being selfish cos I need reassurance and that I keep shoving "relationship" in her throat. I told her that I am here for her but I just want to know. On the weekend she told me she has a lot of things in her mind (moody) and she doesn't how to handle it. Now it's hard to get any respond from her and if she does reply it's close ended. I know she's getting my messages cos she's always on fb. I'm worried cos we both know we can't be friends. I really like this girl. I could see myself with her for a long time.
My question is should I ride this out and wait when her "mood" change or I should just drop it for now until she gets over her ex.

Anyone I need more advices


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  • Oh man. I'm sorry but she's not over her ex. I hate to say this but in my personal experience if the guy I'm dating/sleeping with is not helping me get over my ex and I'm still hung up then it's most likely she won't go for you in the long term and might just be distracting herself. If I were you I would chill and take a step back. Otherwise she will take you for granted. Just start putting distance. If she likes you she will step up and show more attention to you if not then you don't want to get your feelings caught up in someone who isn't emotionally ready. But since you are already getting caught up I say drop it for now and tell her you don't mind being friends and being there for her but no intimacy etc. Just be casual supportive friends.

    • I message her on fb saying how she is. But she never read it yet but she is active on fb. But if she don't report then I guess I consider as a loss

    • Yes, I'm sorry. Trust me you are wasting your time at this moment. It sucks I know but cutting ties and let her reach out to you if she's serious.

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  • Damn dude. You had it made. You got to bang her but never had to be with her. You blew it. Just enjoy the casual sex. You likely will not get a relationship out of her.