Does he like me still?

He told me he liked me and always has about a year ago before he moved. he also told me he plans on marrying me and also brought up marriage again... i just brushed it off, didn't say anything back. we were kinda of seeing eachother last summer. i saw him Christmas when he was home and he was being really flirty with me and we hooked up. i recently visited him and he was super flirty, he kept playfully hitting my stomach and but and would stop starring at me. once he got drunk tried to kiss me all night. i said we were just friends. he also always asks me " do u love me" or says things like love me.. i ignore it and he then says joking.. we came home and he tried some more to kiss me and then asked to cuddle so we did. now he's back again and everytime he sees me he still playfully hits me and asks when we were hanging out just us two. we made plans but they fell through on both our sides. what does this whole complicated situation look like from an outside perspective? Does he like me still? I have feelings for him too! what can i do/ should i do to make him feel more intense feelings for me.


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  • Get a tea pot and some loose-leaf tea, as well as some pleasant cups - something without a handle, preferably. Invite him over for tea and discuss your feelings for each other.

    Recommend that you share favorite activities and evaluate your trust and emotional reliance on one-another. From what you wrote I can't distinguish any non-sexual interest - may have been omitted; if a relationship is developed on grounds of sexual interest alone it will likely not lass, as sexual interest is good at giving drive for a potential relationship but leaves one wanting after a short honeymoon period.


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