He says he is interested in me but also tells me to talk to other guys? Guys: why and when do you do this?

So I have been talking to this guy i met through mutual friends.. we have met once and have been talking for about 3 weeks.. i know nothing is official now but i asked him if he is talking to other girls and have his options open.. to that he replies no because he found me then i found him on couple of dating sites and he said he dont use them but he dont even wanna delete them.. i just dont understand he gives me mixed signals.. i have even told him its cool with me if he is open to talking to other people.. he said no because he is interested in me.. anyways he sent my frd a request on the dating site 3 days back and he msgd her saying he wanted to get to know her and when she asked if he is talking to anyone else he straight up said no to her.. when i confronted him about this he said he is interested in me again.. lol anyhow so yday i made up a story saying there was a guy i was talking to last yr but he was in texas and i am cali due to long distance i said no to him and he recently moved to cali so he texted me.. i just wanted to see his reaction to this he said i should talk to him and see and i was shocked coz he is saying he is not talking to anyone but wants me to talk to other guys.. is he genuinely interested? i mean do you guys do this? and why and when you guys do this?


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  • in my opinion, anyone that feels the need to make up people/lie to the other person about other people is not responsible or mature enough to handle a serious relationship.

    buuuut to answer your question, i don't know if this other girl is real, but if she is, he probably is just trying to increase his chances of getting a girlfriend by keeping both of you on hold. if she isn't real, he is just trying to make you jealous.


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