Why he said that to me?

My boyfriend said he wants to be the first to kiss and make love to me, is it means he loves me?


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  • It just means that, really. It doesn't have to do with love, just that he wants to be the first, which is something that people get a kick at for some reason. I assume this question means that you are virgin in both kissing and sex, so he just wants to be your first, or in other words, he wants to kiss you and have sex. I mean, if you just started dating, that is being a bit too blunt on his part and a bit creepy if you ask me. It's like, he just want to have those things despite hardly knowing you or being with you for such a small period of time.
    I am not aware of your relationship or know anything about you or him to affirm anything. But just because he says something like that or "sweet" things, it doesn't mean he loves you, per se. I mean, he can say "I love you" and not really mean it, or just mean he really likes you, not genuine love itself.
    Don't haste on your conclusions is what I am trying to say.

    • Also, on a sidenote, kissing and having sex doesn't mean love to a lot of people, just an experience. Just because he wants to kiss and have sex doesn't mean he actually loves you. It could just be pure lust for all you know.
      I know you might like him, but don't let your emotions blind your judgment. Think it over and question yourself if that is a right thing to do and whether his intentions are good or simply selfish.

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    • I suppose you mean your boyfriend and you being close friends?
      Well, if you want to believe it's love, then who am I to say the contrary? I am only here to give you an opinion or an idea that you might not have thought about, to put into perspective. After all, you must know him better than anyone on this page. You make what you want out of all this, and make your decision on what you believe to be right for you. Not that I am saying this as a disapproval or anything.
      I just want to help you find the answer within yourself. If you find anything I have said not of your interest, then leave it be, and sorry for being so bothersome.

    • you're right

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  • It doesn't mean he loves, it means he's horny.

  • no, it doesn't mean he loves you, he just wants to pop that cherry