Does she like me? Whats going on in her mind? What should I do?

ok so i really like this girl, there is no doubt about it, im in love with her. Things have been confusing for awhile though. She used to show many signs of interest such as talking and smiling at me a lot, offering me things, sitting next to me, looking at me, etc.. This was awhile ago but after i told her i had feelings for her, she started acting shy around me, she wouldn't talk to me unless i takled to her and she would look down. I Didn't talk to her for months thinking she didn't like me. After that she got back with her ex who she is broken up with now. She still acts the same way as before and we haven't talked in awhile. We just got out of summer break. We are on day 3. Since day 1 she has been acting the same and we haven't been talking, she looks at me when i am not looking a lot. At the bus stop on the first day she picked up her phone and said "let me call my boyfriend" but she hung up after like 3 seconds... I don't know my friend said she was trying to make me jealous. The point is... i really like her but i have no clue what to do... does she like me? i can't ever stop thinking about her man :/ i know she could have been telling the truth about having a boyfriend but i took what my friend said in consideration... What should i do? I love her!

Also a friend asked her if she liked me and she said no. Maybe if i ask her myself she would open up maybe?

Also there is a friend of mine that she kind of suggets a relationship with, but they are rarely together and it seems like they dont really like each other, like i said before, they hugged today but in a friend kind of way...


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  • mate, you might think you love her but let me tell you from personal experience you dont, your just obsessed with her... you can't be in love with someone youve never been intimate with, shared lots of experiences with, grown together with etc... bottom line is if she knows you like her but has chosen to stay with her boyfriend then i think she's made her choice, things may change in the future, but for now you have to just let things be sand let them be happy together. try spending time with other girls n try not to focus so much on her, then youl be able to see if it is just an obsession or not

    • also from experience her seeing you with other girls will make her want you more to an extent, or at least see you in a different light. either way it won't be a bad thing

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    • well maybe 'obsession' is a bit extreme but so is 'love'... obviously i dont know you or the circumstances really... was just giving you my opinion bro

    • Right, i understand, and i appreciate it!

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  • i don't really know... i think she is not in love with you... i think she just likes you're attention?
    there is a chance that she does i just would put all the cards on the table and question her behavior face to face she can't back down and if she is still acting weird and she doesn't want to ansure or something let her go she is not worth you're attention... in my opinion i hope this helped?,,, sorry my English is not so good by the way


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  • I don't think she was trying to make you jealous with the fake phone call. I think she was trying to send you the message "I am not available".

    Smiling, chatting, sitting next to you.. those are not signs of romantic interest. They are signs of friendliness. You expressed your feelings. She is well aware where your head is at. If she ha any interest at all there would be NO risk of rejection in telling you. So she would have told you by now. The fact she hasn't says it all.

    • well there was a time when she said that she won't talk to a guy unless he talks to her first... could that mean anything?

    • It means just that... she won't talk to a guy unless he talks to her first. Don't read into it.