Am I doing anything wrong?

She doesn't know about anything and she is still talking and going out with him. And I always pretend that I hate him and I always say for her to leave him. We always go out together to (me and him and her). But he said for me that we are not doing anything wrong. We had sex. Am I doing anything wrong?


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  • Oh, poor thing! You have a playboy wannabe boyfriend who is having the time of his life. Just about any guy would always take the chance when he can date two girls simultaneously, especially when neither of the girls knows about it!

    Of course he said that you both are not doing anything wrong, he's only using you! He's having sex with you and your sister, he's going out with you and your sister; that's two girls on his arms as far he's concerned.

    I think pearl1979 is giving a good female perspective, and I believe that it's good for you to read the coming female perspectives, which are likely to be similar.


    • Thanx. But I really like him

    • Right now, he's probably out there with his friends laughing their asses off, showing off how he has two girls, they're both oblivious to what he's doing, and having his male friends calling him a "pimp. " :D

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  • If you're doing anything wrong, it's that you are seeing the wrong guy. This is not a guy that you can have a real relationship with.


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  • "I know that I am doing something wrong but I can do nothing about it"

    That is absolute bullshit. Of COURSE you can do something about it! You can stop seeing this guy, because he is playing you and you know it. And you need to tell your sister what is going on. She will be angry with you, of course (and rightfully so) but in the long run it is the best thing you can do at this point. You and your sister both need to get this guy out of your life. A boyfriend or sex partner is temporary but SISTERS ARE FOREVER. It doesn't matter if you really like him, because if you tried to stay with him, eventually your sister would find out. And think about it, if he'll do this to your sister, what's to say he won't do it to you. This guy is a player and he doesn't think what he's doing is wrong. Get him out of your life before you screw things up with your sister beyond repair.

    • Yeah thats right. Sisters forever. But she always says that she doesn't like him and she is seeing another guys. So why I can't take my chance with him?

    • You shouldn't date someone your sister is also dating unless they are broken up and you get her permission. This applies to sisters and close friends as well. But think: if he'll cheat on your sister and think nothing is wrong, he will do it to you also.

  • Says you are. You are betraying your sister and he is doing the same. What he said to about you guys are doing nothing wrong is a bunch of bull he is trying to not make you feel guilty or wants to continue having this relationship with you. End it now! A guy should never be between 2 sisters. Sisters have a lifetime bond not the boyfriend don't ruin that.

    • I know that I am doing something wrong but I can do nothing about it

  • Yeah you can do something about it! You can say "No, you're just using me! Leave me and my sister alone! " but first of all TELL YOUR SISTER - or else he will use the secret against you - it'll be total, utter blackmail.

    The sooner you tell her the sooner you can get him out of both of your lives, and yeah I'm not gonna lie, your relationship with your sister will be severely knocked, but it's REALLY important that you tell her!

    Good luck


    • Thanks

      I really felt comfortable when I read your answer

  • Well, yes, you are doing it all wrong. And it seems by your comment that you know that as well.

    Of course you can do something about it. You have to stop seeing him. If you can't do it for other reasons, which you should! , then do it because he is actually playing you both. That shows no respect for you or your sister. Doesn't that concern you at all?

    • Yeah it means so much things for me. But I can't tell my sister about him. I don't wanna lose her

  • How do you not think that sleeping with a guy behind someone else's back, lying about it and smiling in her face, and trying to manipulate this situation isn't wrong? If he told you the earth wasn't round would you believe that too? Stop trying to justify your slut and be a woman about it. Admit what you're doing is wrong and end it.

    • OMG this is your sister? How can you do something like that? That's your blood!

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