Is she not interested or waiting for me to specify it's a date?

Kind of a tricky situation. We've been friends for about a year and we know each other very well, we are both on summer break and live a 1 hour drive away. We have seen each other a few times throughout the summer and it's always a great time, chemistry is there etc. But I have never specified it was a date.

2 days ago we were talking and I told her I wanted to take her out to dinner, obviously as a date. She told me she couldn't this week because she was busy (she works 40 hours a week) but we could when she returned, she leaves for a small trip next week with her family.

I sorta dropped the bomb and told her I honestly just wanted to see her prior to leaving instead of waiting till she returned, I simply felt 3 weeks was a long time and I didn't want to risk the chance since I would be a lot busier once school started again etc. She told me she didn't want me to drive to her hometown just for food. We sorta left it as this and I took it as a no. I kinda took it as a rejection because I assumed even is someone was busy they would still make time for you.

The next day I woke up to a text from her telling me she understands, it's just she is busy this week and she asked me when I started school. I told her when I started and she never replied. 3 days have gone by with no contact

After thinking about it I now see I was never fully rejected instead I was told to wait, since she had other priorities. I should have left that that instead.

How do I now go about this, I feel as if I should contact her and ask her if she is still interested in going out when she returns, if yes tell her it's a date?


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  • Maybe wait a few days to bring back up the topic of the date when she gets back. As you can see she's on a family trip and may not be on her phone often. If your confident enough I'd say after you agree with the time and place just add at the end "let's call it a date" or something like that

    • She doesn't leave till the start of next week, I feel as if I wait till she returns it's May be too late? Any advice

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    • She told me she doesn't want me to drive 1 hour JUST to get food, which is why I feel if I specified it was a date I would have gotten a yes/no instead she views it as just getting food. I don't know if maybe she feels guilty but I'm going to give it one last shot and just be straight up. Thanks you

    • Yeah that's true ! Hope it goes well ^^ all the best (:

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  • It isn't officially a date unless it is clearly stated as such. Learned that lesson a long ass time ago. You can set it up to appear as such, but women tend to get hung up on that term. We know it. That is why there is hesitation in making it clear from the get go.

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