Experience dating friends? Advice?

Two part question:
1. Poll of what you're experience has been dating friends
2. For anyone who has, what advice would you have for someone who is going to, particularly on getting over the initial friends to relationship transition?

  • Dated a friend. Would do it again or still in the relationship
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  • Dated a friend, never again
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  • Haven't dated a friend but would consider it
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  • Haven't dated a friend, never would
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Well, can't say I wouldn't consider trying it again, but the particular friend I was going for rejected me, so that was fun. You could say I've been turned off to the idea for a while.


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  • You'll never know unless you take the chance. If they're already a friend you already have a strong basis for a relationship. I know I'm glad I decided to say yes when my best friend asked me out. Together 6 years and going strong.

    • How awkward was it when you first started dating and had to switch from friends to a couple? And advice on getting through that phase?

    • Well everyone is different. We had developed mutual love and trust for each other already so it wasn't hard to pursue the sexual attraction that had developed. I don't remember any awkwardness but there was a great deal of happy nervous excitement. Sparks and butterflies that happen when a relationship is new and exciting (still get them occasionally)
      Communication is always key. You can't read minds. I often would get flustered (or he would) over things I misinterpreted or miscommunicated... but because we already knew each other things moved a lot faster and felt easier.

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  • well I would try dating a friend if there was a spark there come on most people would do so nothing wrong with it

  • I realized that my social circle became a dating ground of all of switching around. Never again-Never.


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