When a guy shows signs he likes you to nothing within a day?

so me and this guy hit it off right away, we hung out a couple days in a row and it turned out we had a mutual friend, he was telling his friend about me and showed a picture and she knew me, he also showed a family friend and introduced me to his best friend within 3 days of us hanging out. he also got us plane tickets to go on a trip for a few days, but the day we had to leave he said he couldn't go cuz his ex cut up his ID and passport. (they have kids and i guess he is living there until his apartment is ready next month).. and now he's not talking.. could he just be stressed out? he obviously likes me for the introductions and telling all these people about me, or?


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  • Why are guys so wishy washy? I'd say he has a lot going on with his ex and not enough heart space to fully let in something new. Also, he may want to manage your expectations. He may feel like he jumped in too quick.

  • The exact same situation happened to me. Hit it off with a guy, hung out, introduced me to his friends, expressed interest in a relationship, then boom... stopped talking to me. That was a year ago and I'm still confused because I never asked him why. Just forced myself to move on (I really liked the guy). So my opinion to you is based on what others have suggested to me, and what my gut told me:

    There is another girl in the picture. Either his ex is still around floating behind the scenes and he still has feelings for her, or there is another girl that he met or was talking to and decided to pursue. The last possibility that comes to mind is that he's just a player and has multiple women that he shares his time with

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