Is this guy trying to let me down easy? Totally confused?

I have been talking to/dating a guy for about a month. We are both in our early 30's. he is a great guy and has worked very hard to grow his successful business.

Tonight we were texting, and I mentioned this guyfriend asking me on a date. I felt guilty letting him down. Nothing too unusual, very casual convo... and this was his response:

Your independence is something i like most about you not needy and you seem to care more about others than yourself. I do like you and do want to hang out just taking it super slow cause I don't want to hurt anyone if I can't handle a relationship. Kinda selfish I guess so if you are ok with that I don't want to make you waisted your time or something

Um I never asked for a relationship. I don't even know how I feel about him yet? But is he saying he doesn't want to date me or something?


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  • he is saying he is taking it super slow. which means. he doesn't want you to get the wrong expectations. u never know, maybe he just came out of a relationship and needs some time off but at the same time acknowledges the fact that ure on his radar but not quite there.

    • Isn't it a little premature to even be thinking like that? I don't have any expectations, just enjoying his company so far.

    • i don't disagree with u but maybe u said or did something that makes him think u are really really into him. men have a tendency to misinterpret signals.

    • Wow, I think I may come across that way sometimes to a lot of guys. I am just really nice. I know he is busy with work, and I am thrilled to see him succeed. It would be selfish to put any pressure on someone for more than they can handle. How do I respond?

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