I've become really good friends with a guy and we have so much in common to the point that it's almost weird. Trouble is, he likes her and I love him?

I met this guy over IG because he knows a lot of my mutual friends but he lives like four hours away. We started talking though the comments and he asked me for my nmb, i gave it to him because i thought he was pretty attractive ;) anyway the more we talked the more i realized that we had a LOT in common like A LOT! And i've been texting him for almost a year now and i've pretty much fallen for him; i don't even care about his attractive IG pictures, he's such a sweet and amazing guy! We keep talking about meeting sometime but i don't have my licence yet (11th grade, he's in 12th) anyway we were texting and it was getting REALLY late and i told him that i think he's attractive and he just kept on brushing it off by texting back "hahaha :)" & "really? i thought i looked like crap lol" and eventually he told me that he has really stong feelings for this other girl and that he's pretty sure she likes him just as much as he likes her. I told him i was happy for him but i was in my bedroom crying as i told him that he deserved someone as beautiful as her. We still text A LOT and he still doesn't know just how much i like him. I don't know what to do! I'm used to falling for guys for their looks because i can be pretty shy and i never have the chance to get to know them but this guy i feel like i can share everything with him and we have sososo much in common! Should i give up? I don't know this girl but she's pretty and i just want what's best for him... Advice?


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  • This is probably the first of many heartbreaks. It isn't easy to experience rejection. Have you only ever spoken to him online? Have you met him in person?

    • He didn't exactly reject me, he even told me that i probably think a lot of guys are attractive haha, he just said that he REALLY likes her so um yeah thats a rejection... Um yeah i've only ever texted him and he told me that the first thing he plans on doing when he sees me is giving me a hug and i just still have a hope that he might like me when we see each other in person

    • I would be wary of anyone you have talked to for a year and never met. But keep your options open. I call it the takeaway. If you want him to chase you, quit communicating so much. Respond to every third text or so. And never respond within 20-30 minutes. He needs to think you aren't just sitting around waiting. Play the game a little ; )

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