Does he want to try again seriously or is he just being an idiot?

He called me twice about two months ago in the afternoon and pretty late at night after 6 months of not talking. just a few nights ago I got a call from a blocked number and then three minutes later he texts me asking whats up. Things ended because we wanted different things, he didn't want to get into a serious relationship because a previous long term one he had just gotten out of ended badly. but we had been seeing each other for a year, and he started acting jealous even though he wouldn't admit to it. I moved away for like 5 months also, and I'm not sure whether he knew I had gotten back or not. I feel like asking me hey whats up is too casual considering he was really harsh and mean the last time we talked so long ago. I don't want to talk to him if he wants to go back to something that isn't serious, and I would hope he wouldn't be contacting me for that because of how badly it worked out of the first time but idk. what's he want? help?

I do want to talk to him by the way I'm just scared of his reaction


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  • i would suggest talking to him and seeing if he has matured any. maybe he has changed

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