How would you want a girl to react to your flirting?

Sometimes I just don't know how to react lol and if you say "flirt back", how? in what way? Is it okay if she just smiles at you and or laughs (not at you but playfully). Thanks! One guy said "I want to marry a girl who plays (specific sport that only I play in the entire school)" and "all girls who play that sport are hot" and I had no idea what to say or do because he said it in front of a bunch of people so I just kind of smiled and didn't really say anything... yeah...


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  • Flirt back, but it's all about time and place.

    Flirting back is about seizing opportunity for example:

    There is a guy who sits and talks about economic fluctuations and the concept of inflation and saying to his partner that what she has to learn to spend money as soon as possible. Then she said: 'Is there anything else you can teach me tonight?' See she comes a sexual hint, while at the same time, abstains from direct perversions.

    Flirting is an art requiring training.

  • "Insert flirtatious comment here."


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