Should I still make a move on her?

She put two tweets consecutively saying "you are constantly on my mind and you have never left" and that " she's torn" so she is not over her ex boyfriend or is thinking about a new guy right?

We were texting last night and she told me that today is her last day and she wants to see how hard I'mma cry at the end of the day. I said she's gonna cry and she replied "nawt even bro" So I was thinking about telling her I have feelings for her and then asking if she would like to go out some time?


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  • You should try, no matter what you have to remember if you don't ask the question in the first place the answer will always be no.
    Ask her out, if she says not then she doesn't know what she's missing, if she says yes I hope it works out for the both of you!


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  • Making a move is NOT "telling her I have feelings" for her.

    So before you blow up your game listen to me on this...

    1) Getting the girl is about building tension, teasing and being playful and fun. It's about having you on her mind because she doesn't quite know how you feel about her... you're a puzzle that she's having fun trying to solve. So when you flirt (compliment) then tease (push her away playfully) it will AMP up her attraction and make her chase you.

    Attraction is about tension and emotions... helping her FEEL when she's around her.

    2) Telling her how you feel is the opposite of everything I just said. When you spill your guts you're ruining the fun because:
    - She will no longer wonder how you feel, so that removes you from her thoughts.
    - You will no longer be a puzzle that she wastes time thinking about.
    - It removes the tension because now she knows where she stands. That's boring.
    - She no longer needs to chase you. Also boring.
    - It tells her that you have such little self control over your emotions that once you feel something you have to spill your guts in order to relieve yourself from the tiny bit of tension. That makes you seem weak.

    3) My point? Don't spill your guts until you've already been dating and making out and she's already spilling her guts. You must WAIT to blow your load. Know what I'm saying?

    4) Instead, play it cool, but not cold. It's okay to SHOW her that you like being around her and that you want to keep seeing her... but don't TELL her. Use ACTION not LOGIC. Telling her stuff is logical and boring and will push her away. DOING stuff and taking action will fill her with emotions, and that's what attraction is.

    5) She is CLEARLY into you so you can stop worrying about losing her. Instead get her alone, over dinner or drinks, and spend time together until you're making out.

    ~ Robby

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    • Today is our last day of work together and she said "not even broo" that sounds like friend zone to me so don't I have nothing to lose and how could u tell she's into me?

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    • Well I'm thinking about inviting her to a resto bar

    • I like it! But you don't have to sell it like it's a date. Imagine she's a guy friend that you want to surprise for his birthday. You might just say, "Hey, I know this awesome place to eat... I can't tell you where, you're just coming with me!" Even if you're going to MacDonalds.

      Think of yourself as the driver and she's the passenger. If she really doesn't like where you're leading her she'll say so, don't waste too much time getting her permission or asking her to decide, etc.

      I wish you luck and have super fun!