I really like spending time with this guy and he likes me but I have a problem?

I recently found out that his political views are different to mine (I tend stay on right and he's on left). We both really get along but I'm afraid of politics came up issues may arise.
Would anyone date someone with different views to there own and if they have how has it gone?


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  • I have and it didn't go well. First time I broke up with someone over politics.


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  • I would be able to as long as we could be mutually respectful of each other's beliefs. I'm pretty libertarian (socially liberal, financially conservative), so with most people, I agree on some issues, disagree on others. In any case, I personally have no problem discussing politics with anyone of any beliefs, as long as we are both on the same page that we are discussing issues, not trying to convert the other person. I would not date someone with differing political beliefs based on the idea that I could change their beliefs to match those of myself. That's just not realistic.

  • I don't think I could date the opposite.
    Core beliefs are hard to change in someone, like religion.
    If I am on a dating site and see that the she is the other way, I dismiss them, even tho all other things look good.
    I wouldn't feel good about sparring with my partner about politics over dinner.


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