Married woman wants to meet?

This is going to be super controversial on GAG, but I met this married girl on line and we have talked about meeting. We have traded pics back and forth. She wanted me to meet her "randomly" at a bar for a bachelorette party last Saturday, but all her friends would be there. She wanted me to pretend like I was a stranger and come buy her a drink. That spooked me too much so I did not do it. Then we agreed to meet for dinner after work on a Wednesday but she flaked out and suggested another meeting similar to the first one she suggested. I told her I was not comfortable about meeting her with her friends around. So we agreed to meet yesterday afternoon for dinner but she flaked out and I haven't heard from her. She said she has done this before but I feel like she is backing out because she's scared and it feeling guilty. What's her deal?


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  • She's feeling guilty. If she's around her friends, and you play like you haven't been talking to her, then she can act like it's not her fault what's happening.

    I'd bail immediately. No pussy's worth that much work. Especially since you might end up shot by a hubby.

    • Is that what's going on? She keeps asking if inhave done this before and she says she has but she keeps ducking out the day we're going to meet. So I'm super confused by this...

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    • Haha. Ok I get it. Lol.

      One of these girls who is married would give me all the signs that she was Into me at work when I first started. Nervous blush find ways to be around me all the time ect. She came after me all I did was return her stares in meetings. The thing was she'd go missing on me. Like we'd talk for two weeks then she'd disappear then come back which was confusing as shIt. I backed off and would ignore her also if talk about other girls around her. She'd flirt with my buddy sometimes right infront of me. I ignored her hard for 2 months and was cold to her. My buddy ends up telling me that she has been walking and taking with him and it was creeping him out he says. This was months after her and I had been doing this dance. I figured she was trying to make me jealous or starving for attention. When he told me I want back tk talking to her again and she dropped him. Wtf is that?

    • Yeah you keep asking that same shit over and over again. I've really just said all you need to know. You get them to put out or get out. That's it.

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  • Don't do it. Besides the simple fact that this is morally wrong, it shouldn't be that hard to meet up with someone. And for you to write a question about this means you are genuinely interested in her. You possibly could end up with some deep feelings for her, then she is going to choose her husband after all of it. Good luck.

    • Haha I just want to stick her once lol..

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  • Put yourself in her husband's position. How would you feel if your wife met some guy so he could 'stick her once'? If you're anything like me, you wouldn't like it. And if she's that nervous/scared of meeting you, maybe she's decided that isn't what she should be doing. Go after someone single, don't mass with married people.

    • thanks. Last question about the girl that emailed me that had her personal cell number. I mean was that a move by her? Putting it out there?

  • Mate, stay away. Don't do this.

    • Why is she acting like that though?

    • Maybe she feels nervous about it. And already guilty. Because it is already cheating.

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