Dealing with boyfriend that treats everyone nicely?

I'm with a guy in my school and i really admire his personality. He doesn't get pissed off easily and he basically treats everyone so kindly and nicely.. but he treats me the way he treats other girls.. which makes me feel quite insecure but i still trusts him. Because we still spend some quality time together which he doesn't do it with other girls. But sometimes i just feel he doesn't really care or so.. he's shy too, so most of the time i'm the one taking initiative. I don't mind taking initiative but.. i just want to know how should i deal with guys like that.. because in class he is sitting beside a girl and they are always smiling and laughing, enjoying. I'm sitting at the back of the class and i have to see them smiling daily which makes me uncomfortable. I talked to him about it and it didn't really changed anything. So how should i deal with this?


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  • You guys ARE just teens dating. He may not show you special kindness unless you show him that you are there to stay, and not just a passing whim of a girlfriend!

    Also, work on your jealousy issues. You seem a bit clingly.


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  • so your complaining because your boyfriends a nice guy?

  • Would you rather him be just nice to you and mean to everyone else?

  • Young teen do not take it serious


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