Has he taken advantage of me or does he have issues?

I've been dating a 25 year old guy, he's got a job, i'm a student, 18 years old. He's told me he was scared of loving someone and he seemed pretty interested. Then one night I was feeling really bad and instead of being there for me he just made a move, once again. Is he only in this for sex?


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  • Use your instincts kid, I feel like if he really wants to be with you like you want to be with him, he'd make time like you do for him... People make time for people they like... If its the worst case scenario, drop his ass and do you and focus on yourself, the right one will come...

    • I guess you're right, would be nice if someone would come around eventually, someone with good intentions...

    • keep your head up, it always comes when you least expect it

    • Hope it will be true
      Thanks a lot :-)

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  • Yep. Sounds like it. Dump the bastard and find someone else. If he is interested in you for other reasons, you will see him again. I bet you don't.

    • Let's just wait for someone else then, thank you !!

  • Is he getting sex? Are you getting his time and emotional support?

    • Yes he is, or was, i thought that just maybe there was something more going on... And only getting his time when it suits him, i guess

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    • Then you already have an idea of what you need to do.

    • guess i do... !

  • Yes he is making a move for sex! Fresh young meat. Yummy!

    • oh great...

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    • You're welcome! There's Honest Abe and then there's Honest FART

    • Hahaha indeed !

  • Nigga... You want his mind right here summed up? Here it is. This dumb bitch is too young to get that I'm using here for when I want. She thinks it's cool having an older guy so she's going to put up with whatever I say goes. All I have to do is act like I care and I got a booty call for whenever

    • okaaaaay, definitely feeling dumb and fooled. This really helped though, thanks !!

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