Question: A womans "Shit Test"?

Right'o this friend has been really into me for months, we got together and I fell for her. I fell for her hard, and I fell for her fast.

I stopped acting like myself and started to do too much for her and was too available, essentially I'v failed her shit-tests. She broke up (out of the blue) with me and I was gutted, but we cleared the air and she says she wants to go back to being friends.

Im doing No Contact (about 14 days in) and thats made me relise how big Iv fucked up with her. She still likes me, but because I failed her shit-tests she is no-longer attracted to me.

How do I get her to be re-attracted to me... or once you've failed the test is that it? Obviously Im now going to stop being there for her so much and try to make her chase me again, but will she? And if so how do I approach this?


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  • 1. Stop all contact immediately
    2. Get a girlfriend and make sure she notices. And get a girl who is not for a serious relation either. Don't screw some innocent girl over.. :)
    3. most imp of all.. do NOT reply for 2-3 when you get a text/message/IM from her for a few days

    • So I just continue doing what Im doing? - As I say we cleared the air but Im not contacting her, and I won't untill Sept or so, but at the same time if she contacts me dont flat-out ignore her just take a while to reply, and be friendly but keep it short and ensure I end the contact each time.

      On the Girlfriend front I haven't got one lined up, been hanging around with a few of our mutual friends (one of which is a bit of a tart, haha) and made sure that photo's/ check-in's are going up on Facebook. Got myself some new clothes and a new haircut - the standard routine.

      Will she get in contact with me though, she obviously thinks Im wrapped around her finger (because I failed her tests) will be becoming more and more distant make her curious or will she just shrug and move on?

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    • Thanks pal.

      Yeah I wouldn't wreck some poor innocent lasses hart just to have another chance with this girl. Im hoping she gets back in touch sooner rather than later, for two reasons (A) So I can reclaim some power and (B) because we were very close friends before this relativly short relationship.

    • well goodluck again!

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  • what on earth is a shit test?

    • A test that a female performs on a male by saying or doing something to judge the reaction or response from him.

    • Ok, well I've never heard of anyone doing that, but if you failed you failed. Find out what it was that you pissed her off with and apologise.

    • I haven't pissed her off, Iv failed all her tests so rather than chase after me - like she was she, the roles reversed and I started to chase after her. Thus she now thinks she's too good for me.

  • Why in the holy hell would you want to be with a girl who depends on tests when dating men?
    Really that's truly pathetic and what me and my friends used to do in elementary school...

    • I have honestly never met a woman who doesn't do it, and I foolishly let myself think she was different because she was a friend first. I think its a subconscious thing.

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  • You keep with the no contact. Anything else, she'll interpret as you chasing after her. There's no guarantee any of it will bring her back.

    The more important thing is that you learn the lesson not to let a girl bitch you up.

    • Yeah I know I'v fucked up, and I know that I could do thinks differently if the opertunity arose. I'd normally play the game with anyone, but since she was my friend close for about a year I let my guard down.

      I'm hoping that because she chased me in the 1st place she might attempt to make contact again.