Traveling with a guy?

Is it ok for a girl to travel out of state with a guy she has only been dating for about three months? They see each other once a week but talk every day. They are going to a wedding of a his grandfather.


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  • My girlfriend flew cross country with me when we'd only been dating for 3 months. It went well.

  • Okay by whom? The two? Their parents? Society?

    Dating as in, having a sexual relationship?

    Marriage of his grandfather? Are you serious?


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  • I wonder if you are above 45, how old this grandpa? Lol

    • I have no clue but this is about my daughter n her boyfriend, who are both 25.

    • In my opinion, 3 months is short to travel with someone. I need to know that person more to trust and yet travel. That is me.

      But they are both grownups.
      You know better than us your daughter. If you trust her and her choice, I say you don't need to worry.