New relationship & I don't know how to go at it?

So I've been texting this guy I like for about 2 months now pretty much every day ;) I know he likes me back because he asked me to be his girlfriend :) We've only met about three times because he lives about three hours away, and each time we experienced awkward silences. I just don't ever know what to talk to him about! We have really fun and flirty conversations via text message, but in real life I freeze up. I'm just painfully shy & he agreed to take it slow, but at this rate he won't want to be with me anymore. I'm so tired of my shyness taking control over me!! I know we would hit it off if I simply stopped being self-conscious, but it's not like I can turn it off and on. I'm also new to the whole dating thing & never kissed/hugged a guy before. I'm scared I'll mess everything up & won't ever have the chance to try this stuff out and experience what real dating is like. How do I stop being shy around him & just be myself? I don't want to lose him because we have a lot in common & he's special to me...


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  • chances are, if there is awkward silence, he is just as nervous and shy as you are, so you two are in the same boat.

    my boyfriend and i are this way and the greatest advice i can give to you is- don't force the conversation. it always ends up just being weird and makes things more awkward. try to find stuff he likes and ask him questions about it (this helps you get to know him better) or bring up stuff that you two talked about while texting that you found funny. tell him stuff you think is cool or about your crazy little sister bothering you. weird/personal stories will allow you two to bond and get to know one another more.

    as far as being new to the dating world, there isn't anything wrong with being nervous about messing stuff up! let things come naturally- you'll know what to do at the time, trust me ;).


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  • New relationship & I don't know how to go at it?
    Perhaps try group activities and easing yourself into more physical touching.

    How do I stop being shy around him & just be myself?
    In my opinion a suited way is to stop caring about losing him by how he'll react to you being yourself. It may help to perceive him as just another guy of one of many relationships you'll have.

  • Try hanging out in areas that make u feel comfortable at or double dating with friends or doing things you like to do or have always wanted to try if its okay have him over ur place or go to a arcade something that keeps u guys active and doing stuff maybe even the movies something where u don't half to talk much but u can talk after the movies over be yourself don't try hard because he already likes u for you take it one step at a time don't rush because things will happen when it happens