He just stopped texting me back and I don't know why?

So I have been talking to this guy for about a month. I think I really like him. We went to the movies once and I went over to his place about a week later. We made out and things got kinda carried away but I stopped him before it got too uncomfortable for me. We talked after this and were supposed to hang out one night but he fell asleep while I was at work. Well, just the other day I texted him and he never texted me back. So then a few days later, I snapchatted him while I was getting my tattoo (I had told him I was getting one) and he snapchatted me back. The next day, I texted him and he ignored me again. In previous conversations when he wasn't able to talk I said "Talk to you later?" and he said "yes please" so I'm not really sure why he isn't talking to me. He seemed like he wanted to talk a week ago and now he won't talk to me.


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  • After talking for a month, you know him better than we do. Maybe he isn't into tattooed girls? Maybe he met another girl? Maybe his phone fell and broke?

    • I'm pretty sure he doesn't have a problem with me getting a tattoo. I'm also pretty sure his phone didn't fall and break because he sees my snapchats but doesn't reply to most of them... except for the day I got my tattoo. Hopefully he didn't meet another girl.

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