Hey I have a real quick question?

What would be god for a first date?

I meant good flowers or what?


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  • some flowers would be ultra romantic on a first date. make sure you pick her up and walk her to the car like a nice gentleman. of course, pay for everything. seeing a movie and dinner is a typical first date.

    but then again, i'm a big romantic and can easily be swooned haha

    • Nice you should give me more romantic advice in messages.

    • haha if you have any questions feel free to message them to me and i'll do my best!

    • Okay

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  • I would Do a movie on a Second date, for getting to know one another on a First date, is nice to find out if there is more chemistry. Dinner is nice, causal, not too romantic, being you're not sure where it might lead. However, a nice place, nice atmosphere, not too noisy.
    As far as flowers, a beautiful bouquet of something simple. It will put a smile on her face... And it will show what kind of great guy, make a great First impression.
    Good luck, enjoy... Hope everything turns out for a second round. xx


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  • I think flowers would be better for the second date, assuming you have one.

    Stop at her house/apartment and pick her up, that is unless you live quite a ways from each other and find a good midpoint to meet.

    Hold doors for her, pull out her seat for her, and pay for dinner (if you go out to dinner, that is). I'm a fan of the classic dinner-and-movie first date.

    • Cool what kind of movies?

  • I would love a campfire date sitting on the back of a truck number listening to music surrounded by mutual friends

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