Please help!!! So confused!

Okay so here it goes. There is this guy I used to date a few years ago, let’s call him J. He stopped talking because let’s face it the man kind of became distant. I got involved with someone and we just recently broke up.
So I got on Facebook and got in touch with J. He gave me his number and we exchanged a few text messages that evening.
The next day I wake up to a text that says "Well now that you have my number you should text me. Anyway what’s new with you, kinda miss you. We need to stop leaving each other for other people."
I waited a few hours and sent him a good morning text he replied and asked what I was up to. The just of the conversation is we made plans to hang out that evening. He came and picked me up. I'd say we had a great time. Whenever he dropped me off he said text me tomorrow, (now from past experiences I was always the one to start the convo) So I told him. No you text me, or else I’m not going to text you at all. (jokingly of course)
I no longer get inside 5 mins after him leaving and he txts me "this is me texting you ;)" Okay cool I’m fine with that. So we chatted until he got home and went to bed. The day after was fine the conversation was pretty strong. But today it’s just like blah. Like I waited all day to see if he would text and he didn't so I sent him a message whenever I took my lunch break to see how his day ways. basically he said the same as usual and I responded with "Well at least it's almost over ;)" and all he said was "I guess"... Which I didn’t reply too. It's like I want to reply and ask if something is bothering him.. But I don’t want to be what’s bothering him. LOL!!!
Any help is greatly appreciated :) Thanks in advance ya'll!

-I’m getting mixed signals here, is he into me and just busy... Or is he just not that interested...

**So confused**

Yeah I tried talking and his excuse was he's always busy... Who really knws.


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  • Sometimes, guys aren't very open with things that are bothering them. Some guys will try to hint at it in the hope that someone will ask (I'm like that sometimes).

    Ask him what's up, but do it in a manner that makes you sound genuinely interested. Ask for details about his day. Something may come up then. If not, then politely and calmly ask if he's doing all right. I think it would be best if you actually talked though, rather than texting and Facebook.

  • hey yea... i think he has sent the message of "Here i am!!!, Here i am!!!"i think J genuinely missed you... and now that your back, he wants to be recognized again... not to be treated like a guy that just is nothing special. I mean hey thats part of human nature... wanting to feel useful and needed or at least for a large part desired.

    i can see why your getting mixed signals... and it sucks, but id play it slow really, let him do all the talking to find out for yourself what the guy wants... if he wants anything at all that is


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