The kiss me vibration... help me please?

hi everyone!
im gonna meet up with a guy tommorrow and i want him to try kissin me bt i have no idea how.. so is there any way to make a guy kiss u for the first time?


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  • if the guy wants to then its quite easy, at what ever point you want to iniciate the kiss, look in to his eyes and lean in to him, usually a guy will pick up on whats about to go down and kiss you back.

    Best way would be simply to just kiss them directly wait for the guy to get over the shock (it is was un expected) and then he will start kissing back.

    • hmm ok thank you i ll just try but i m not sure i can cuz im kind of a shy person :(

  • just kiss him

    • no i just want him to try kissin me so we can tak about us
      he is just playin i need to prove it

    • ah ok, if you want to know how he feels ask him - i always prefer that. if your hearts set on 'the kiss test' try lean into him, maybe hands on his waist or summat, its generally pretty easy to pick up on

    • yee i know ı would raher ask him to but he is just a type of guy that never talkes about felling or somethin he just try to hang out till he gets bored and i can't stand it anymore.. anyway thanks for your advice i l try it

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