He asked me what my plans were for next week? Was my response ok?

I met a guy online, we went for drinks once and had a great time talking. Then we were both very busy and didn't have time to get together. He went on vacation in EU and a conference there, so he's been away for the past 2 weeks. We had been texting everyday 3-4 texts before he left, and I just suggested he message me when he returned. But he continued the texting while he was vaca, but about 1 message a day. Sometimes I'd wait 2 days to text back, since I didn't want to bother him or I tended to reply at night (so he would see when he woke up due to the time difference).

I recently asked him when he would get back, This morning he answered and asked what my plans were for next week. I was busy at work so hadn't had a chance to reply yet. He then texted me again, saying something like "Btw, Isn't it funny how you tend to respond at night when it's 3-4am here - regrettably"...
I wrote back a few hours later, saying Sorry, hope I didn't wake you, explained I was a relatively bad texter but was making an exception here ;)... and that I have to put more thought into my online communication as employers have complained in the past that I come across as blunt. Then I commented on something else he said, then said I didn't have solid plans for next week except work and studying but was hoping to escape for a drink in by the way :).


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  • Awesome! He is totally trying to connect with you. You are doing a great job playing it cool and casual. As women, we meet a great guy, and our expectations fly through the roof. I like how you are communicating. Sweet, cute and flirty. Without pressure. Go girl!


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