Am I being high maintainence? Or does it make sense why I feel bad?

I have been seeing this guy for a while now and it's been going really well. I can tell we both have a connection and that we are pretty close considering how long we have known each other.

I had my birthday recently and he didn't do anything for me. He texted me in the morning and called me for about 10 or 15 minutes at night, but he didn't see me or get me anything. I barely talked to him all day.

I really didn't want a big gift but it would have been nice to see him. He didn't have anything major going on that day.

On top of that a couple weeks ago he told me in detail the kind of gift he would get me and it was really sweet and thoughtful. I just didn't get why he would say that type of thing and not go through with it.

I guess when he said that it kind of got my hopes up. Am I being high maintenance here?

I really did not want some huge extravagant thing, we have only been dating for a short time. But it would have been nice if he made the time to see me at least. Or at the very least talk to me during the day :/

Am I being really unreasonable? I don't want to be a brat.


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  • Did you ask him to hangout with you on your birthday or what? Yeah if he told you the gift and didn't get you anything thats pretty odd...

    • I didn't ask him. He was about an hour drive from me so I didn't want to tell him to drive for me. I wanted him to ask on his own, you know?

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    • Yeah thats pretty shitty.

    • Thanks for mh XD

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  • You're definitely not being high maintenance! I think showing up is the least he could do. Just talk to him about it.


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  • You are in no way, shape, or form, being unreasonable. Getting into a relationship is a huge commitment. By the sounds of it, he's not that bothered about your happiness. I'm sorry but he literally had no reason not to see you seeing as he had no major plans for the day. I say look elsewhere, find someone who won't let you down. :)

    • He's not my boyfriend but we agreed not to see other people. Kind of confusing but we are basically a couple without any kind of label. Weird I know lol