Are girls that easy to get "in bed" when you have a nice body? I never wanted to be a "man whore" but seeing girls whore around makes me think again?

I was in the gym, at my college, and I saw this guy, I am straight but he looked like the type girls would find attractive, next thing you know he hooks some very "average" looking girl, very quickly. I am thinking, does she seriously think that guy wants her or is she just opting for a "one-night stand". Situations like this make me think girls wants to get "used"!!


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  • Okay just a few things:

    1. How do you know he's a tool, that's a presumption he could be a nice guy.

    2. How do you know he hooked her? Another presumption, maybe they know each other from before? Maybe they've been flirting each time they go to the gym?

    3. How do you know they're going to have sex? Maybe they're going to date first?

    4. How do you know that she isn't using him? I mean if he's "good looking" as you say, maybe she just wants a one night stand and then see ya later...

    5. Why do you equate any male female interaction as sexual and therefore immoral?

    Honestly your question says more about you then it does about them. All i can say to answer your question is that no, girls do not want to get used. They just have more hope in the goodness of other people and are willing to take a chance.

    • You are right I am "jumping the gun" they weren't on a date I know that but they could have been just having fun. Still though, girls who do this sort of thing shouldn't complain that the guy ditched them when he doesn't call back. I don't think male-female sexual interaction is immoral, I just think its better for couples. But you seem to agree that girls don't put much thought into so maybe I should just sleep with women and hopefully break a few hearts along the way. I'll just say "Oh I just want some of your goods but I don't care about you." But from what your saying women do just like the sex and whoring around doesn't seem bad to you. Its not to hear from a female who thinks positively of one night stands when usually I hear negative things.

    • Honestly i totally agree with you, i really dislike it when girls complain about a guy not calling them back when it was clearly a one night stand. I don't think one night stands are a bad thing, between two consensual adults. But so many people think they're something more or misunderstand the situation which leads to trouble. If you want to have sex with strangers well that's up to you, but i find it troubling that you actually intend to break a few hearts. Like you want to punish any women that sleep with you or something? Weird. But whatever it's your life, just be careful not to give yourself a reputation, cause women talk... a lot. No-one wants to be known as a sleazy guy, oh and always use protection. Have fun:)

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  • Forcing sex or using someone is never cool. Maybe it's had nothing to do with what you were thinking. Maybe she did sleep with him and start a relationship. You only saw one snap shot of these people so you can't possibly know what actually happened or what they were thinking.

    • I am pretty judgmental, perhaps that's a fault. But I have pretty "low" views of that type of behavior. I'll add it to my vocabulary as a "gym-whore" unless it already exists. I saw them walking out at night together and flirting, ughh... women like that deserve to be treated like tools. She wanted the I presume but such an unattractive look for a woman.

    • All you saw was them flirt and leave doesn't mean she went back to his place. Even if she did that doesn't mean she's some slut. You only saw a fraction of her life.

  • It depends on where the girl's head is at. We go through phases. Sometimes all she wants is to get off, and that's when a hot body is all she wants. Other phases are more serious and mature, and a body won't be what she's looking at.

    • So I'll take that attitude when I see women, I'll just screw them until I am ready. I hate "fickleness" and whorish behavior, it disgusts me in a way. Why do people act so base, but then again maybe I'll have my turn with a girl like that.

  • Nah. She was just DTF no one forced her to sleep with him and everyone knows if you want a real relationship you don't jump into bed with a guy you just met in the gym.

    • Its frustrating. Because I am like, I bet that girl is going to wake up and say "Ahh... he used me". I always think, oh that guy was a douchebag to the girl but in reality she agreed to it like you said. It makes you shrug and say these girls aren't worth time in a relationship if they're so easy. Why not just learn the "game" and be the best player you can be.

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    • By and large most women want sex in a relationship, it doesn't take a genius to realize that. I've heard some older women, but typically younger women seem to not go for one night stands as often as guys. The reason I am speaking like this because I used to think sex "outside of a relationship" is impulsive and na├»ve but I guess if girls don't care then there's nothing wrong wit being a "player/womanizer". I mean I guess if you're horny then you can have sex with whoever is willing but it seems like it'll go badly in the end if you don't know the person well, but hey I am trying to be considerate toward women. If they don't want consideration I am fine with just sex, whether we both understand it to be a "one night stand" or just I understand that fact at least I am relieving that horny feeling.

    • What year are you living in? Or where do you live exactly?
      If men want one night stands, women have every right to do a one nightstand as well. One nightstands are agreed upon both parties the female and the male.
      If you're a player/womanizer while in a relationship then you are a dick and you're cheating. I think you got your thoughts mixed up.

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  • Wants to get used? Seems like she was just DTF. We're all human you know..

    • Humans should express their "self-control", I don't want a whore for a girlfriend. She had a distinct look about her. I'll just remember not to date girls who look like her.

  • Only ugly girls use that word "used" because they are bitter and can only wish they could get used. Normal girls just call it sex with a hot guy ;)

  • I think you maybe have developed some odd learned behavior that makes you judge others in a very creepy way. Yes it is not a good thing.