I'm in love with a promiscuous woman?

The question is, how can I ever stand out? I want her to be mine. I don't care what she's done, or what she currently does. I've had my fair share of good girls and lovers. I want this woman all to myself, but it's frustrating knowing that I'm not her one and only right now. Most people will say move on. That's too easy. I want THIS woman. Is there any advice at all!


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  • I have been in many a battle (per say) in my desire to take what I wanted and beat the competition (again, per say) in terms of getting her attention. While the women I have gravitated toward are not really promiscuous, as that rarely ends well so I steer clear, I certainly understand your desire for wanting something and wanting to win the competition and making her yours.

    For me? I never planned it nor did I act as a strategist. I simply went into the situation knowing I would win because I said to myself "none of them can hold a candle and she will recognize that if she is the woman I think she is." I say this in a non arrogant way and bring it up to point out that your confidence will set you apart in these situations. Women, very typically (especially if she truly is promiscuous), will gravitate toward strong men who are sure of themselves and secure because they translate this demeanor into security for them and little to no drama/pandering to deal with.

    You want to stand out? Then do so. Don't be sensitive, don't bring up your desire (s) every chance you get, play it cool, play it confident, say what you need to say honestly and directly so there is no confusion, and, most of all, show her you are what she needs and wants in her life. Your education, your career, your personality, your humor, the way you take care of yourself & the manner in which you treat her will all come together, when the time comes, for her to make her choice and if you take care of those facets, you will win.

    People who win do so because they realize what it takes to win, do not care what anyone else thinks and simply "take what they want" which is a phrase I have been using for years. For me? I am a man who knows how to take what I want and, thus far, it hasn't failed me once. I bring this up because once you turn that corner and realize how to do it, you will get all you seek in life and I am not just talking about a woman. Good luck to you.

    • Strong attitude. "I take what I want"

      That's something every man should live by. Thanks for the advice.

    • It's not a problem, you're very welcome. Come back and let me know what happened when/if something does.

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  • Tell her straight up that you want to actually date her and get to know her. She'll either be really into it and say yes or she'll be iffy about it.

    • I believe she knows my intentions. I can't expect her to change though. It's her choice.

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    • Thanks. You're absolutely right. I will tell her my thoughts soon.

    • Best of luck!

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  • You can't.

    She'll change, if and only if she wants to change. You can try and be more awesome than other guys, but if she's into fucking around, that won't matter. She'll keep you around, and fuck new guys, or fuck guys in secret. Or she'll let you go, because more men may be better than any one good man.

    Ladies, same applies to players.

    • Sadly, I believe you are 100% right. I pretty much know this deep down. I just hate hearing it.

    • On the plus side, you can bang her - and at least get that.

      Keep in touch, and maybe if she changes she'll pick you. It can happen, it's just that chances are majorly against you. And wasting your time on this woman prevents you from finding a woman who might be serious about you / catchable.

  • Face the consequences.

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