Is it a good thing that you wanna date a skater (skateboard) guy? Is he a good person, faithful? Etc?

He smokes weed and drinks. But I don't do any of it.
He didn't mind that.
don't know if we too different?
I have been warned to be careful. Not sure what they meant. What's the skaters culture?

  • Two different people so no dating!
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  • I'll become like him. (Smoker and drinker)
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  • Why not? If we both like Each other.
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  • Skaters are too casual to date one person
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I personally do not think it would be a good idea for a long term relationship. You will eventually either start doin the stuff yourself, or you'll have to put up with absurd behaviour you're not used to. (high and drunkenness) I think that would eventually have a toll on you and strain you both mentally and physically. As for the whole if we're together he may change thing girls always think of, why date someone if you're hoping they will change, right? Its totally your choice, however, you sound more sensible than that. :)

    • Oh I see. That's what I gotta think about.

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What Guys Said 1

  • if I was you I wouldn't because they will become dicks


What Girls Said 2

  • I don't know about the skater part, but I know about dating a pothead that drinks, when I don't Do that stuff. And a relationship can work. I told him he scares me when he's drunk, so he stopped drinking when I'm around, and I told him if he really liked me, he would prefer to be sober when I'm around. And he cut it alot.

    • Oh yeah fair enough. It's all about communication. Does he ever forced you to try the stuff or drinks? Or asks you time to time. Usually they respect you hey?

    • Nope. No forcing. Very respectful.

    • Okay :)

  • I think you should go for it. Who cares what people say? It doesn't matter what he's into, if he's a nice guy and cares about you then go for it. I mean, my sister is currently dating a guy like that and before they dated she got pregnant with another man's child who wants no part in the baby's life. Her current boyfriend, the "skater boy" wants to step up and help raise this child even when he know's it isn't his. Everyone is different, I think you just have to test the waters out. good luck :)

    • Alright. Thank you :)

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