That big of a deal or not?

Not too long ago my boyfriend text me saying he had almost kissed one of his co-workers. Should I be worried this might happen again? Or should I be content with the fact that it didn't really actually happen? Does this mean he isn't happy and satisfied in our relationship?


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  • He almost certainly kissed her.

    People who cheat regularly admit to lesser offenses to hide the much larger ones. The idea is to make you think "Okay, he told me this even though he had a reason to not mention it, therefore he must be telling the truth." If their apparent honesty can convince you that's all that happened, you are unlikely to go digging and discover the truth. I speak on this from way too much personal experience, unfortunately.



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  • It's a non serious relationship if he actually texted you that huge detail...

    • He probably kissed her already too and he just wants to see how you're reacting to something like that

    • But if he had done it, why would he tell me? He would have just kept it secret, yet he told me right after it happened.