Why do some people say a GF would be good for me?

people who know me for some time keep telling me this. I just want to understand the possible meaning behind it and the way you people think about it.


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  • Maybe they think you'd be good with one. Or bc your really cute, :p :)

    • you already hitted on me ^^. thanks the thing is I am no boyfriend material as I have my friends who give me everything but sex, and I go clubbing a lot and I think the lack of sex could pull out the vibe I have. I felt exhausted the whole week whilst doing nothing, don't call me douche bla bla cause I already tried to get a gf enough times.

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    • thanks and I hope I am not liing to myself

    • Welcome :)

  • Maybe you seem lonely.. I don't know lol

    • I'm always the loner cowboy. it actually would give a shitty vibe

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  • If you don't want a GF, a BF is fine too. Its alright to be open about your sexuality.

    • I'm not in the need of one actually. I just find it good to have sex more often and approaching girls on the club has a low percentage win rate for me

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