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Have any of you guys actually read any advice on dating women, and if so has it helped?Ive read some of advice for men on dating women and how to catch them but most of it is just ways to play with a woman's mind and make her chase after you, and, I being a female, think that's no way to get a girl. the mistake I've noticed in dating advisors is that most of them are giving advice to the same sex.I think men should give advice to women on how to date men and vise versa.Whenever I want dating advice I always ask a guy because they know men better because they are a guy and can probably give me a better answer than some girls.

Also I think the way to truly hit it off with a woman is show her you're interested but don't come off as too needy like calling her everday or...every other hour!Also if you go out with a girl compliment her and listen to her.Also make her laugh and show her you would be there for her if she needed someone to talk to.Also texting is important too.just a simple "hows ur day?" is good unless you're texting her every other hour!Yikes! I think guys and even girls often make the mistake of coming off as too needy or too distant and if you like someone there's no need to play games and do the "3 day calling period."its all about BALANCE and showing you're interested but giving space in between each time you talk until the two of you decide to be a couple.


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  • The biggest mistake I think is that people don't realize that it is just a date. This happens to men and women who don't date around much which is people want it to work out so much that they force a connection that isn't really there (not necessarily on both sides). A date is a time to get to know your potential partner and see if your computable but if you are someone who doesn't shop around much, it's easy to just want to buy the first one.

    I've read dating advice here or there but I think it really just comes down to being who you are, objectively judging the other person and being kind (cliche stuff).

    As far as the rules of calling, there isn't really any. If you are excited and want to call her, go ahead. If she didn't feel the same than you will be rejected. If you need a bit of time then wait. Who cares.

    My advice to women is to ask the men questions. I remember dates where I was listening to her yap about her dog, modeling and about her love for baseball players.

    Another advice, men are the best listeners up until he has sex with you. So if he sucks at listening right away, it's going to be a problem later.

  • I became a member on this site specifically to give women advice on how men think about these things. I advise women to let men take the initiative initially, but after you have become more intimate it does not matter as much. I also advise women to not be afraid to admit it if they feel they have done something wrong. Also overall do a mixture of teasing and expressing your feelings. And never act overly eager to become intimate.


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