When a guy says "I am sure we will have our chance" what does it mean especially if it seems like he is not interested?

Can someone explain this to me pleassssse!!!

He didn't talk to me for two weeks until I texted him then he responds with that statement above. He only talks to me if I initiate. And he is really short with me.


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  • Maybe he's not in the right place right now to start anything with you, but he thinks you may do in the future. That's looking at it positively.


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  • It could be that you are not his priority but he still wants to keep you around by giving you a spark of "hope". Some guys are greedy like that.

    • Would it be easier to just let it go... what is the point of keeping someone around like that? Thank you for your answer :)

    • You shouldn't have to be someone's last resort or second priority. I would move on to someone worth your time.

      You're welcome, and good luck!

    • Thank you ^_^. He is in the military I think that is why. Every one is second when your in the military... even sometimes a mans wife, family, etc. Thank you so much

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  • He's writing you off for now bc he's playing the field. He prob feels like he's too young for something serious at his age if he's in your age range.

    • I am 21 he is 28 years old. lol

    • yep.. 28 year olds are very young... I guess your right thank your answer :D

    • Now hold on...28 years old? He's still fairly young, but is at an appropriate settling down age. Some men settle in their early-mid 30s, but most seem to start thinking seriously about marriage in their late 20s. But late bloomers do exist.

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