I dont know what I want or what im doing?

So basically i keep going back to tinder and ending with deleting it after one day because im all like , im gonna find a guy but than im like omg what am i doing this is not me i dont want to go look for someone, i dont want to get hurt again so i end up deleting tinder.
Last time i dated was in january-february and i ended up getting somewhat hurt and i dont want to end up hurting again but i do want to meet someone, but in the right way, not the way where i have to click on a picture.

I work i go to school, i stay busy all the time but at the end of the day it gets so lonley.
I litterally think im gonna die alone, and i know im only 22 but im not kidding i know there isn't anyone out there for me, everything i touch just breaks.


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  • Hey cheer up. Stay away from the app if you don't feel like it's you because the feeling of "hope" will always be there, but it is just an illusion. If you go to school, there are plenty of people to meet. And don't be so negative of yourself the right people will come to your life if you don't force anything

    • I dont like any guys at my school their all weird and not my type. I know i should just let things go on their own but its hard when all your friends have someone and everywhere you look you see couples.. and im just ugh.. i want to feel how it is to be liked and loved

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    • ye but all gay

    • I'm guessing your college is not a small place. Keep looking because I'm sure not every guy is weird

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  • Stop looking for someone! That special person will come into your life when you least expect it and it'll be wonderful.
    Keep studying and working , focus on that and befit you know it you'll have a special someone.


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  • I know how you feel, I'm 21 and feel that I'm never gonna find anyone.