How to tell a guy who likes me, that I like him too?

I know what I want to say, but I dont have ideas on how to start the conversation. Shall I just tell him "i need to talk to you"? I dont want to freak him out.
* I just want to add that we work together in the same office.


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  • A simple, ''Hi, how is it going? '' triggers my attraction towards you.

    • P/S: If a girl starts small talk with me, reaching out for me at first. I would assume she's interested at me after some conversations. Simply set the date, invite her out, no wasting time and effortless.

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    • We didn't even hang out once. Im not planning to go and tell him " I want a relationship with you" im thinking maybe from our conversation, we're gonna start a relationship

    • Yep. That's another question when you're feeling comfortable then it's time to put up exclusivity matter. but Now there're three choices:
      A) He invites you out (hope he didn't fuck it up by being indecisive making plans with you)
      B) You invite him out, (maybe not being too direct but subtly)
      C) Nothing would happen.

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  • Just ask if he'd enjoy a cup of coffe with you. That will allow you to meet him in a nice atmosphere and if you both enjoy that you won't even need to tell him you like him, he'll feel :-)


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  • How about, go on a date. Would you like to catch a movie with me? Or, dinner at yours sounds more ideal.

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