Girl at work - should I Facebook message her?

I'm new to the whole forum advices, but hey ho, we need to try everything at once.

Cut the storey short, I recent joined a company 5 months, and obviously there's always someone that catches your eyes. This girl caught my eye, we don't work tighter directly I need to do some stuff for her department, we don't even work on the same floor. Anyway we do talk quick chats here and there and some banter. We had a office party the other day, we exchanged glances left right centre, and as she was leaving I stopped her, asked if she's single, she said yes, asked her to take her out for a drink, she was a bit hesitant with the reply, as if she was 50/50, to which in the end she said she didn't want it to be awkward after, since we work together. I left it at that since she was tipsy and was on her way out and said we could talk about it some other day.

Now since I'm new, all her mates are talking about me, they call me the buff bald guy with muscles, so I've been told, not saying I'm a stunner here. But when she's with her mates she won't engage or even try and get eye contact, but if she is by herself she will stop for a quick chat. And I can see her looking and checking me out.

What do you think my next step should be? Facebook message her and keep is simple? Wait for another 1-2-1 outside work chance? Any help/ advice will great.



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  • If you talk to her at work then yeah -just say hey was on FB and found you


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