Should I ask this guy ask out?

I am sending whatsapp messages with this guy I sort of like, and I think he likes me too. He texts me back immediately and really engages in long (flirty) conversations and hints about meeting up with me.. We have been sort of talking about meeting up again, but all hypothetically (also in reference to the first time we met, when nothing happened, though we joke about that it could have happened).. Should I ask him to do something together some time or wait for him to ask this? I don't want him to think I am annoying or pushy or anything..

sorry for the two times ask in the headline, only saw it after posting


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  • It's great to hear from a girl that she likes or having romantic interest to hang out with me. No, it isn't annoying or pushy for you to invite him because high percentage of times girls aren't doing so. But it's BETTER for the guy to initiate dates because he knows what he wants and go for it!

    • Ok thanks :) mhh.. might wait a little longer then to see if he will ask..

  • Go for it! I'm too shy to ask a girl out so I would love for s girl to approach me and make a move. Its shows courage and I would respect you.


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