I'm confused and may like this guy need advice ASAP?

I know this guy and I met him at this camp a year ago, and we've kept in touch and have gone out to places together. We hadn't talked for a while and then a month ago we started taking again and I started to have feelings for him, but more feelings than I have ever had with someone , but I don't want to get feelings for him because I don't have have time to see him because of school work and dancing. Tonight was the first time in ages that we didn't talk ( not by choice he is out and doesn't have reception ) and we had been talking every night and I just feel sad and I can't get him out of my mind he's all I think about and I just want to be with him but on the other hand I don't want to fall for him but I think I already have


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  • you're young so it won't hurt to have many good experiences at once. you can dish it out im sure. go with your gut on this one, if you really wanna be with him then let him take you out on 1 date and see how things transpire after that.


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