Is there really such a thing as "bad timing"?

I think we are all guilty of blowing off a seemingly great person with the excuse "it is just bad timing". But why? Is there an app to plug in the perfect guy/girl, on the perfect day? NO!!!


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  • I kinda wanna say yes but then again when I really think about it, if two people really really really like each other then they should be able to find a way to make things work because they're motivated to do so because its what they truly want! :D


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  • Yes there is... someone may not be willing to be in a relationship or date.

    Im a practical dude. I dont believe the "if u really like someone you'll make it work no matter what" idea. That's fairy tale stuff.


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  • Yes, there really is such thing as bad timing.

    I think it's really self-absorbed to insist that bad timing is just some made up excuse someone created because they didn't want to date you. I'm sure some people are passive aggressive and manipulate a very real possibility as an excuse, but for some people it really is just bad timing.

    My one who got away exited my life because of absolutely horrible bad timing. Duh, there's not an "app to plug in the perfect guy/girl on the perfect day" but if you choose a more mature, realistic view you'll see that some people are so far away from their true selves that they can't properly function romantically. Sometimes you are not the person you could be , whom they would absolutely adore, when they walk into your life.