I don't drink at all, but started dating a guy who likes to get drunk.. is it doomed?

I went on 4 really fun dates with this guy & we have a lot in common.. we graduated from same college & have similar life goals. My huge concern now is even though he claims he's not a huge party guy anymore, he still goes out with friends and gets drunk (not wasted) maybe every other week. I've NEVER enjoyed drinking (I know I'm weird) & I've seen alcohol bring out crappy behavior in some people. I also admit I'm not a very secure person so I'm not sure I could handle his drunken nights. He's asked me out again & I'm afraid he'll want to get serious soon, which I'm hesitant about. I really like him otherwise, but is this whole thing doomed bc of our drinking differences?


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  • It could be... a lot of people drink which is alright, but not a lot of people know when to stop and they keep going and going. Drinking could be fun, but most of us humans make it unfun and dangerous to ourselves. Talk to him about it before you get serious with him. Remember your in control, think about the present and perhaps future problem it could lead you to. Drinking ofter brings out the worst in people, is that someone that you just might want to be with in the long run? Good luck with everything ms, be cautious.


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  • It's a bad recipe I think, but I'm sure you can find people who have made it work.

    To some extent it depends on what kind of drinker your partner is. Somebody who has a beer instead of a Diet Coke when you have a slice of pizza but doesn't get hammered at parties or sporting events is much easier to work with, in my opinion, and I've found that these people often wind up drinking less the more time they spend around you without it becoming an issue. The fact that you don't expect them to drink relieves some of the pressure on them to do so.

    On the other hand, I've found that many people who drink seem to feel as though they are being judged by people who don't, and so they retaliate by singling you out. "Oh yeah, I forgot. You don't drink," is repeated like hourly when I'm out, even by people who have known me for years. If your partner is one of these people, you should run fast the other way, in my opinion.

  • he gets drunk but not wasted? so then not even drunk but he only gets a really good buzz? I don't think its doomed, im sure if he likes you a lot and truly cares for you he will cool down on the drinking because it makes you uncomfortable or unhappy. and its just not you.

    • Tbh I've never been around him when he's drunk so I don't know the full extent.. he told me he doesn't drink to teh point of throwing up and that's all I know so far

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    • Yeah I'm gonna ask him more details about his drinking habits and just how drunk he gets. I do feel like this is something people aren't willing to change though.. it's like asking someone to quit smoking for you haha

    • people can change though and if its for the right person then they will without thinking twice. I have no one to change for but im not drinking anymore lol. its just what I wanna do.

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