Why have I only met some of my introverted boyfriend's friends?

We've been together three months and while I have met most of his friends (with great success) he doesn't seem keen on me meeting one small group of them. Whenever I bring it up he gets flaky about it. They're all Latino so they mingle in Spanish which I don't speak so I'm guessing he thinks I'll change the group dynamic if I'm there. He says they all know about me but I still want to meet them.


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  • Because he's an introvert. We like to hang out with one or two friends at a time.

    Even if we're at something bigger, we still tend to hang out with a small cluster.

    Oh, I think you hit the nail on the head: he thinks you'll be uncomfortable if they're all speaking Spanish all night. That, or they'll feel uncomfortable having to speak English?


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  • You've been together for only 3 months, stop bring pushy