I am a freshman and I know these boys who want to ask me to prom and homecoming. Even though a are a ways away and I have to choose one of them what do I do? My parents won't let me go with someone that age either. they have to be my age. I really Like one of them.


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  • It is pretty early to make the decision. So since you're a freshmen you're young and haven't learned that guys who are not your boyfriends come and go monthly 99% of the time. High school has a lot more people and guys you'll meet. More drama which means more fights and arguments between people. Honestly I doubt you'll be talking to both of them by the time homecoming and prom come around. But the best thing to do is to have the guy you're going with sit down and meet your parents. Your parents probably feel that way because they don't know the guys and an older guy with a younger girl makes people assume his intentions.


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  • How old are you (i'm pretty sure a 30-35 year old isn't going to a prom)?

    I'm assuming you're 17-18. If the guy whose going with you to prom is 20 and up, ya.. that guy has problems.


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