When sending a message to a woman on a dating site should I first ask questions regarding her profile or should I ask a random question?

I was thinking about saying something like: What are the three most important tools to achieving a great relationship?
If you won the lottery, how would you spend your reward?

There's a woman that mentioned she loves to try new food and she usually thinks about funny moments that happened to her. Should I ask what those funny moments were? Should I ask if she would like to go to a restaurant that I would like to try?


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  • Ask her questions about her profile.
    The first question is too deep to ask someone you just met.

  • Say something regarding her profile first... it will catch her eye and let her know that you took time to actually read her profile, in which a lot of guys do not.

    • I understand but there are women that say they want a guy that writes something creative.

    • Yeah, but there is nothing creative about those questions you mentioned, The first question is ok, but not as an introduction.

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