What percentage of people die at age 65 or above never having had ANY romantic success EVER?

This is to rule out say people who die young like at 15 - there are quite a few people that aren't successful by that age.

I am talking about the people who have lived a decently long life (65 years or older).

Let's define romantic success as getting into a romantic relationship. So if you get a boyfriend or a girlfriend you have succeeded romantically.

What percentage of people that die at age 65 or above have NEVER been successful romantically in their lives?


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  • By 65? I'd say a small percentage. Like 5-10%. That will account for those who are asexual, those who have some sort of disability that prevents them from doing so, and those who are simply unlucky or didn't try.

    • I'd have to say that's pretty high too. 83.9% of people experience a serious relationship by high school graduation, statistics show. By HIGH SCHOOL graduation.

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    • But I don't know for sure; that's why I am asking.

      Sorry for quadruple post.

    • Yeah that may even be too high, I just didn't want to underestimate the amount of people who may be disabled and/or uninterested in romantic relationships. But could be more like 3-5%. I don't think most people go without experiencing a romantic relationship of some kind.

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  • Extremely small percent. Probably well under 1%. The vast majority get married. Of the ones who don't the majority have had relationships. I'm in my late 50s and I don't think I've ever met someone near my age who has never been in a relationship.

    Whatever the percentage is, it's very small. And a lot of them are by choice.


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  • I'll surely be in that percentage LOL


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  • I know about 5% of the worlds population dies a virgin.

    • 75.1% people experience sexual intercourse by high school graduation.

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