Dating problems.

Okay, so I've been seeing this guy I've known foreverrrr. And when we first started hanging out it was strickly hooking up... Now we are way more than that. I recently just moved out of state and we are doing the distance thing but when I went up to visit I looked at his Facebook messages and he had messaged his ex girlfriend on the same dat we had a "Skype date" and he said to her that he wanted to hangout and that he had the house to himself and continuded giving her his number. Is this a sign? Should I just let him go? Or what? I'm so confused. He's not the type of guy that throws around the words "I love you" and it took him forever to say it to me, I do believe he has love for me but I don't know if it's worth keeping this up if I'm the only one NOT trying to get with other people. Or did he really just wanna hangout? I probably sound so dumb. But HELPPPPP!


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  • if he doesn't put in consideration of ur feelings as a hook up or friend or anything more then i would stop hooking up with him he doesn't know what he wants and he's thirsty for any attention he can get right by him he's impatient and maybe feeling lonely and needs to have someone right there by him he may be still in love with his ex and want someone whoses nearby him then far away it maybe coming hard for him to deal with the distance and u should tell him how you feel so he knows u care about him but i think u should let hi go and let him think about his wrong doings and what he wants and u not replying to him might show him that he messed up and he has hurt u in some way don't answer his text because u answering him is just letting him know its okay what he's doing and its not cause its obviously hurting u

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