How do you tell if a date went well?

title says its all.


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  • You can tell based on three factors.

    1. Did you have fun

    2. How did you feel after the date?

    3. Has he asked you for another?

    If you had fun, and he asked you for another, then it was a good date

    • So like, "i had fun tonight" and "come visit me at my job site" and when I said we should do it again he says "im game :)" are those kind of like wanting to see me again?

    • For sure, It sounds like you have a successful date, and should definitely make plans for a follow up one. Congrats

    • Awesome, thank you!

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  • I think that if there was chemistry, and a strong connection, it went well. Especially if you're date enjoyed the company-


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  • A date went well if both of you seemed to be having a good time and enjoying each other's company. But, whether it went well or not is not an indicator of whether he will call you for a 2nd or whether the next date will go well. Dates can go well yet you can walk away realizing it was fun but he or she is not someone you can see yourself with. That is why it gets so confusing.

    So, if you are asking "How can I tell if this date will lead to a 2nd date?" all you can do is wait.

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